Does the CITP credential have value to CPAs or their clients? Can it be made to have value?


In my opinion, no. I am a member of the IT Section of the AICPA and also a CPA, obviously. The materials I receive, in my opinion, are irrelevant and not all that interesting. In addition, there are too many other “real” technology certifications out there such as the Microsoft, Linux, and Novell certifications, etc., which I think are much more suitable and valuable to CPAs practicing in this area.

Paul J. Smit, CPA
Paul J. Smit & Associates
Lansing, Ill.

The Certified Information Technology Credential has great potential to be a valuable designation for CPA and IT professionals. I believe one of the missing ingredients in the IT industry is the standardization of professionals that have a significant impact on a client’s business. This designation should serve as a qualifier so the general public can easily recognize a certified professional.

Partner Insights

Lynn K. Berman
Livingston, N.J.

It’s like CDP, CISA, and CCP—no one knows what it is except the folks directly connected and I’d even bet most CPAs don’t know what is involved. The manufacturers have replaced any possibility of a recognized industry-wide certification with their own certifications and there is little possibility of a recognized certification developing until the government takes a role. Finally, there is no common body of knowledge, like in accounting, law or medicine. Without a common body of knowledge, how can you develop a recognized credential?

Stephen Morin, CPA, CDP
Software Generation
Bedford, Texas

My opinion is that it would be seen as valuable in a smaller firm that is trying to establish a technology practice. Clients would probably put more weight on professional experience over the credential.

R. Jeffrey Einig, CPA
MaxQ Technologies
Norwalk, Conn.

The value of the Certified Information Technology Professional credential to CPAs and their clients can be summed up in two words: enhanced communication. The CITP is valuable to CPAs because it represents a network of CPAs who share knowledge. The CITP is valuable to clients because they can easily identify the CPAs who are experienced information technologists. Is the CITP valuable? I can only speak for myself, and the answer is a resounding “Yes.” I am able to network with other CITP credential holders at a moment’s notice. I am able to communicate the meaning of a CITP to clients and potential clients in about five minutes. Both of these facts are very comforting.

Mary R MacBain, CITP, CPA
Mary R. MacBain
Naples, Florida

I have found that the only publicity that my clients receive on this designation comes from me. It is usually in the format of asking what the CITP stands for at the end of my business card. Nonetheless, I have received several referrals from clients who do ask. Therefore, I would have to say that the credential has value.

I do a fair amount of public speaking and I use the credential in the bio that I present for introductory purposes. In almost all speaking engagements, I will have one or more people come up and ask me technology questions and they have mentioned the credential in some way. A few of these situations have resulted in additional technology consulting engagements for my firm.

K. Tim Larsen, CPA, CITP
Squire & Company
Orem, Utah

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