What is your firm's biggest technology security issue and what are you doing about it?


Our challenge was how to securely interconnect 52 locations in seven countries to improve collaboration across the enterprise while insuring the integrity and security of the information we needed to share to support our growth. These locations had pretty good security measures by themselves, but these tended to be isolated from their counterparts. Our solution has been to adopt a worldwide networking scheme utilizing dynamic point-to-point VPN tunnels across the public Internet. This scheme provides for all inter-location traffic to be fully encrypted between any two locations while being transparent to our user community. Lindsey Mundy


Belmont, Calif.

Partner Insights

Ours is far and away spam. Our biggest problem is the whitelist/blacklist filtering software. We have many cases of unauthorized messages coming in and even more cases of authorized messages being blocked. The system never seems to get it correct on a consistent basis. We're thinking of scrapping the I Hate Spam system for the features in Outlook 2003.

Bryan L. Wilton, CPA, CITP

InterDyn Progressive Group


I would have to say Spyware/Phishing/Pharming, as they can bypass current security by attacking social engineering. We are educating users, upgrading patching software, implementing Norton Corporate 10.0 when it comes out, and evaluating other options that are available.

Jeff McCulloch

Yeo & Yeo Computer


Saginaw, Mich.

The biggest concern is how do we or our clients provide access at the right time to the right people without opening up too much access or access to malicious people? Particularly with the ERP software we sell and implement clients want to provide access to data based on roles. Certain roles need to access certain data, reports or files. But, providing that access to the right people on the network or web site is becoming harder and harder as IT is required to lock down more and more and also comply with Sarbanes-Oxley.

Barr Snyderwine



Not to be flip about it, but I can't say. We have some hundreds of pounds of very sensitive data that we will have to physically destroy. We will probably burn the data to personally ensure its complete destruction. However, we do have issues with anti-virus, firewalls, and spam. The biggest time waster is spam, and we plan to purchase a hardware appliance to sit between the Internet and us to cut it down.

Peter Heinicke

Precision Computer Methods

West Chicago, Ill.

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Frankly, the biggest challenge is getting our clients to understand the scope of the problem. It is difficult to overcome their apathy.

Richard Paul Thomas

TBC International

Salada, Texas

Viruses are the biggest technology security issue that we need to deal with today. Before the prevalence of the Internet, users could control their virus risk because at that time, viruses were brought about by internal activities, such as copying files from floppy disks and installing software from this medium. These days, viruses are spread through email and web sites; users do not know when they are at heightened risk. Anti-virus programs are effective, but they have limitations, as the development of their ability to stop viruses follows the introduction of new virus signatures. We have circumvented this problem, to a large extent, by using a hosted desktop/server solution.

Frank LaFauci

Positive Impact

Stamford Conn.

One of the major issues that I have found facing organizations today is the ability of their IT departments to maintain a high enough degree of security knowledge. It is not that they do not want to. It is because there is no time and there is so much information to disseminate. They need outside help. It is more cost-effective for an IT department to manage a deployed security strategy, than to research, discover, educate, certify, and then deploy. This gives them the ability to manage the exceptions and breaches, instead of the day-to-day documentation of every security transaction.

Don Reeves Jr.

SCSI Business Solutions

Columbia, Tenn.

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