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Why I'm Not on Facebook (Personally)

March 27, 2009

My colleague and co-editor, Liz Gold, asked me why I'm one of the only Gen Xers in the world who doesn't have a personal Facebook page.

I told her I don't feel like staying in touch with people who I chose not to stay in touch with since high school. I know friends who "friend" people they downright hated.

I'm not saying I hold any grudges, I'm just saying I'd rather spend my valuable time on people who I care about in my present life, not my past one. For work, it's letting me stay in touch with people in my current job. So that's OK in my book. (No pun intended).

Check out this columnist's piece about what happened to her when an enemy from her past reached out on Facebook, "Connecting Former Foes."

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I guess you're not our FB friend then?
I'm actually really enjoying using it for business purposes because I'm having more fun with some of my colleagues.
Posted by Alexandra D | Thursday, April 02 2009 at 8:47AM ET
I myself am not on facebook, or on any other 'social' networking site (do admit to linkedin for professional purposes though), despite the constant nagging of close friends... So I recently read an article which described facebook, atleast in my mind and from the color I've received from friends/family, pretty vividly. (my comments/thoughts as I read the quote are in brackets)... "Social networks are bogs filled with people who are there to befriend one another (I'm not really looking to 'befriend' people I've lost touch with or never wanted to know in the beginning, and there's likely a reason we're no longer in touch), tell their stories (not really looking to read about someone who's desparate for attention or for the 'look at me' aspect), or voice their complaints (of which I have many, but I refrain from being that winy b*tch). For those who want others to know all about them (I usually can't stand these people anyway!) or who have unrevealed grievances about life (in the words of Dennis Leary, "life sucks, get a f*cking helmet!"...., but seriously who has the perfect life, deal with it and roll with the punches), these are wonderful online destinations" (lol... it sounds like a wonderful destination, ughhh). Leslie, don't blame you for pulling your account...
Posted by Guest | Thursday, April 02 2009 at 8:35AM ET
Great topic! I finally "moved my anchor" to add "facebook" to my toolbox about one month ago. At first, I thought it was a great tool to keep in touch, or get in touch. However, within a week or two, I was connecting with dear "friends" who knew someone that I knew, or that I passed by in the hallway during high school centuries ago.
What I had not planned on was all of the unwanted noise and the interruptions that were compliments of facebook! I was having to sift through and delete 20+ messages from facebook every day, while learning much more than I ever wanted to know about people via their profiles, connections, comments on postings, photo changes, someone wrote on someone's wall, etc. Because I was a member of a "fan club" I was asked to "friend" people I had never met, nor would likely ever meet. My son's grade school secretary asked to "friend" me three times! When "ignored", what formerly were friendly greetings while passing the school hallways were reduced to no eye contact being made by her. Odd, and interesting at the same time.

While at first glance someone's profile might be interesting or satisfy some sort of primal curiosity we all have to peer into another's "doings" and "circle's", seeing someone's Speedo beach photos was likely to cause paralyzing flashbacks which may be a challenge to suppress during future times when our paths will cross! "Hi Tom, that's a great tie...and by the way, that blue Speedo is amazing..." Odd for sure.

To close off on facebook...I pulled my profile about two weeks ago, and have been grateful ever since. I have however, chosen "higher-level" professional networking sites, and remain conservatively involved in them.

Posted by Leslie G | Tuesday, March 31 2009 at 11:59AM ET
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