Sales Compensation Design: Retaining and Motivating A High-Performance Sales Force

Date Held: August 6, 2012

Start Time: 1:00 PM ET

End Time: 2:30 PM ET

Credits: CPE, HR Certification Institute, HRPD, Additional credit may be available upon request. Contact Lorman at 866-352-9540 for further information.

This live audio conference will discuss the process and key elements associated with designing a sales incentive plan. For many, sales compensation is clouded in mystery. Using a step-by-step approach unravel the mystery and make successful sales compensation plan design possible.

Common questions and issues will be discussed, such as: I have been asked to design a sales compensation plan, where should I begin? Our sales compensation plan is broken, how can I fix it? How do I attract and retain top sales talent? What are the best practices in linking pay with performance?


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