Master Sole Benefits Trusts in 90 Minutes

Date Held: August 22, 2012

Start Time: 1:00 PM ET

End Time: 2:30 PM ET

Credits: CFP (Pending), CLE (Please check the Detailed Credit Information page for states that have already been approved), CPE, Enrolled Agents, Additional credit may be available upon request. Contact Lorman at 866-352-9540 for further information.

Once a “sleeper” technique, sole benefit trusts have generated considerable attention over the last few years. Now sole benefit trusts are much discussed, much misunderstood. Are they a type of special needs trust? Do they shelter assets? Do they allow for sanction-free transfers? What are the federal requirements? And are states over extending? Properly understood, sole benefit trusts can be a powerful strategy in any long term care planner’s playbook. Incorrectly understood, they can be a ticket to malpractice. Learn the “ins and outs” of sole benefit trusts from an expert in just 90 minutes.

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