AICPA Fair Value Measurements Workshop


The Fair Value Measurements Workshop will discuss the conceptual issues in using fair value measurements and provide examples of valuation measurements. The workshop will show members in business and industry as well as their outside auditing firms the information necessary to confront the challenges in making and attesting to fair value measurements.


Leading valuation expert, Mark Zyla, will lead the workshop with real-world case studies, “how-to’s” and extended Q&A opportunities. Detailed examples of measuring the fair value of individual assets, especially as prepared by a valuation specialist will be covered. Exchange ideas with colleagues, peers and network with other financial leaders. Items covered include:

    * Review of ASC Topic 820 (SFAS157), Fair Value Measurements
    * Update on Measuring Impairments
    * Applying ASC Topic 305 (SFAS 141(R)), Business Combinations
    * Fair Value Measurement in the Current Economy
    * Valuation of Intangible Assets in Financial Reporting
    * Fair Value of Contingent consideration and Other contingent Assets and Liabilities
    * Fair Value Under IFRS


The workshop takes place at the AICPA boardroom in New York on March 7-8. For more information, visit

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