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Audit Workpapers: Documenting and Reviewing Field Work


Workpapers are the building blocks for an audit.

If it’s not in the workpapers, the manager and partner might not know about it or consider its ramifications. A badly prepared workpaper is a time-waster for managers and partners, so training in proper workpaper preparation is critical. Make this course part of the firm’s quality control system.

In this course, you will learn the basics of workpaper preparation—form and content—to make sure everything significant is properly documented. Case examples show field work supervisors what factors to consider and steps to follow when reviewing working papers. It alerts them to typical deficiencies and explains how to minimize potential liability by making certain that the firm’s reports are fully and accurately supported by documentation. A comprehensive final review helps staff apply what they have learned to their engagements.

Partner Insights

The session takes place December 20 at Melville Marriott Long Island in Melville, N.Y., and other locations on other dates in New York State. For more infomration, click here.


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