Corporate Tax Essentials: Review the Past, Plan for the Future


Financial executives responsible for tax planning and reporting need to anticipate last-minute tax law changes, and be prepared to proactively react to related opportunities and pitfalls. Leading tax expert Mark Sellner will provide an update of 2013 federal and state tax legislation, regulations, IRS pronouncements and cases, as well as outline what lies ahead in 2014 at this Illinois CPA Society event.

At the session, attendees will learn answers to key questions such as: How will the new IRS repair regulations impact your book and tax reporting? Do you need to prepare change of accounting method requests for 2013 or 2014? What is the status of the R&D tax credit? How are state taxes impacted? Have state taxes conformed to federal tax changes? What are state tax examiners auditing for income tax nexus issues? What is the status of the streamlined sales tax proposal? What transaction structures are being used when buying or selling a business? Have these key provisions been extended?

Section 179 expensing of up to $500,000 of new or used asset purchases
50 percent bonus depreciation for new business assets
15-year leasehold amortization rule

The seminar takes place on Jan. 30, 2014, at the Illinois CPA Society Education Center in Chicago.

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