The 2012/13 Health Care Audit Risk Alert—A Critical Update for the Next Year


The AICPA is presenting a live Webinar, “The 2012/13 Health Care Audit Risk Alert—A Critical Update for the Next Year,” which will delve into the 2012/13 edition of the annual Audit Risk Alert Health Care Industry Developments.

Join current and former members of the AICPA Health Care Expert Panel as they share their insights about some of the critical key developments that have occurred in the healthcare industry over the past year, as well as those that are expected to be relevant during the next 12 months. These developments will be discussed in several segments, including economic and industry, legislative and regulatory, audit and accounting, and GASB developments, among others.

As part of this discussion, the webinar will focus on a variety of topics, for example, Accounting Standards Update No. 2012-01, Continuing Care Retirement Communities—Refundable Advance Fees, and the expected impact on continuing care retirement communities; and GASB Statement No. 61, The Financial Reporting Entity: Omnibus—an amendment of GASB Statements No. 14 and No. 34, and the expected impact on some governmental health care organizations.

The webinar takes place on December 17. For more information, click here.

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