Howard University Center for Accounting Education College Leadership Skills Program


Long Island University in Brooklyn will host a College Leadership Skills Program from the Center for Accounting Education at Howard University's School of Business on April 5 from 8:15 am to 5:00 pm at the Arnold and Marie Schwartz Athletic Center.

This interactive, one-day program is designed to prepare junior and senior college students majoring in business for the important transition into the corporate work environment. Students learn the vital skills and values necessary to be a leader in the workplace. The program encourages participants to stretch their limits and expand their boundaries to develop specific skills and knowledge that provides the foundation for a successful and rewarding career.

The moderators for the program are Frank Ross, Director, Center for Accounting Education
Howard University, School of Business and Leslie Traub, Chief Consulting Officer, Cook Ross, Inc.

Program presentations and simulations will include:

•    Learning the Rules of the Game
•    How We Are Who We Are
•    Organizational Culture and Standing Out
•    Uncovering Unconscious Bias
•    Building Support and Alliances
•    Ethics and You
•    Creating a Vision

Throughout the program, students learn to:

•    Identify resources they can draw on to help them make critical decisions about their career - both entering into it and staying
•    Describe how they come to learn different ways of approaching people, work and the world - the phenomenon of dominance
•    Identify aspects of organizational culture that could potentially be different from their own and strategies for overcoming those differences
•    Explore challenging situations in which first year associates may find themselves
•    Create practical strategies for networking and building support
•    Identify potential ethical issues and how to resolve them
•    Create the highlights of their affirmations and visions

The program is free of charge and open to all junior and senior college students. Seating is limited and on a first-come, first-served basis. To attend, RSVP by March 25th to Joan Pierre at (718)-488-1121 or

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