Non-CPA Firm Ownership in New York: Is It Time?


Most New York CPAs feel passionately in either their support or opposition to non-CPA firm ownership, but where do you stand? A free upcoming Breakfast Briefing will explore this topic.

The briefing, to be moderated by Accounting Today’s Editor-in-Chief Bill Carlino, will feature a discussion between two managing partners of New York firms who feel passionately about this issue, but on different sides of the argument:

Robert L. Goldfarb, CPA, of Schoenfeld Mendelson Goldfarb LLP, opposes any percentage of non-CPA firm ownership in New York.

EisnerAmper LLP CEO Charles Weinstein, CPA, believes that it is time for New York to allow non-CPAs to own up to 49% of a CPA firm, with CPAs maintaining a simple majority (51%) of firm ownership.

Our neighbors across the Hudson in New Jersey have also adopted non-CPA firm ownership. You’ll hear from managing partner, Alan D. Sobel, CPA, MST, of Sobel & Co., on the challenges and benefits he saw when he made non-CPAs owners of his firm.

Of the 48 jurisdictions that allow non-CPA firm ownership, South Carolina is the only state that requires a supermajority (66 2/3%) instead of a simple majority (51%) of CPA ownership. Why is that? Former South Carolina state board member, Charles L. Talbert III, CPA, will explain his state’s history with non-CPA firm ownership and how South Carolina became the only state with a stricter requirement than the rest of the country’s.

There is no charge for this non-CPE event.

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