Patrick & Robinson recently acquired the Jacksonville, Fla.-based CPA practice, Petherbridge, Davis & Co. The deal closed in mid-November.

Petherbridge Davis, which has been in business for more than 25 years, took on the Patrick & Robinson name.

Some time has passed since Patrick & Robinson made an acquisition. In 2006, the firm sealed its first deal when it acquired Carter & Co. PA. The owner sold out and three staff members joined the firm and now only one remains with the firm.

According to Patrick & Robinson’s spokeswoman, the newest addition comes with three staff members. John Petherbridge, the co-founder of Petherbridge Davis, will join the firm as principal.

Larry Davis, who is the other half of Petherbridge Davis, decided to work for one of his clients earlier this year.  

Petherbridge and the three staff members have already relocated to Patrick & Robinson’s office located in the St. Nicholas area.