Two high-profile singers, Foxy Brown and Toni Braxton, are facing large tax liens, according to recent reports.

The Detroit News reported that Brown, born Inga Fung Marchand, owes a total of $641,558 on six tax liens filed by the IRS in the New York City Register’s office since 2003. The rap singer has been in a series of legal imbroglios in recent years stemming from various incidents, including assaulting two manicurists in a nail salon, hitting her neighbor with a BlackBerry phone, assaulting a beauty store employee, and almost running over a baby in a stroller. She was sentenced to a year in jail in September 2007, but was released in April 2008.

R&B singer Braxton and her husband Keri Lewis are also reportedly facing a lien for $79,315 in back taxes filed by the state of California in March, according to the Web site