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Highlights from some of our favorite tax bloggers this week:

Crime never pays

  • The Tax Factor: The Maryland woman charged in a massive fraud while working in the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue, plus breakdowns of how a New York strip club was denied an arts exemption and how the IRS recently failed to notify almost a million and half taypayers that they qualified for First-Time Abate relief.
  • Taxable Talk: A former NFL player nabbed in a fraud sting. Plus an Alabama woman who sold more than 800 identities in a fraud scheme and the possibilities of a California tax hike.
  • Federal Tax Crimes: A new study on shell corporations and "An Outlier Offshore Account Tax Obstruction Plea."


IRS matters

  • Our Taxing Times: Trish McIntire talks about TIGTA on Currently Not Collectible Cases, plus "playing chicken with a career" when delaying the RTRP exam.
  • IRS Problem Solver Blog: Seniors' IRS help though "Tax Counseling for the Elderly."


Tax matters

  • When expats are audited.
  • Beancounter Ramblings: The benefits of education planning, in detail.
  • Mauled Again: Prof. James Edward Maule presents "yet another example" of failed privatization, in this case tolls and bridges. Also, "How Not Spend Tax Revenues."
  • Tax Policy: On Missouri's quadrupling its cigarette tax; Chart of the Day shows America's aging taxpayer base.
  • Taxes for Expats: The IRS expands investigations into off-shore tax evasion.
  • The Wandering Tax Pro: Robert D. Flach's take on the DOMA same-sex marriage issue.
  • Backtaxeshelp: Tax-planning strategies as 2013 looms.


Look into the future

  • Don't Mess with Taxes: Who's going to be lobbying Capitol Hill on taxes, plus sorting through costly tax breaks and CEO fiscal cliff recommendations.
  • TaxMama: "Starting a Tax Practice."


Down to the wire

  • TaxProf Blog: "The Employer Healthcare Exclusion's Role in Tax Reform," plus a report on an editorial claiming that the Romney tax plan helps the wealthy too much.
  • Tax Vox: Howard Gleckman details Obama's and Romney's tax plans.
  • A Taxing Matter: Family business, carried interests, potential conflicts of interest, and Romney.

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