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Highlights from some of our favorite tax bloggers this week.


The Tax Factor: Tax help and deadline extensions.

Our Taxing Times: Sandy adjustments and how to approach taxes and deductions "Issac to Sandy." Taxes and the Drake Software Blog: Relief at the state and federal levels.

Mauled Again: "Taxes, Governments, Budgets and Disasters," plus a look at public financing of private sports enterprises.

Philadelphia Estate and Tax Attorney Blog: "Casualty Losses For Hurricane Sandy."


The future is now

Tax Policy: Chart of the Day: High earners and business income, plus how the fiscal cliff might have propelled Yoda to Disney.

Tax Vox: A look at lifetime Social Security and Medicare benefits, plus an eye-opener about which presidents spend the most.


Internationally speaking

Taxable Talk: Bad news for German poker players.

Federal Tax Crimes: The erosion of Swiss secrecy and the Outlier foreign account case sentencing. An increase in the foreign earned income exclusion.

Taxes for Expats: Another look at the erosion of Swiss secrecy, plus the U.K. now targeting holders of offshore bank accounts.

Tax, Society & Culture: The cost to Canadians of pension splitting, plus a look at the troubles of the mayor of Montreal.


IRS matters

IRS Problem Solver Blog: The trouble with outstanding IRS tax liens and possible errors on offshore accounts by the service.

International Tax Blog: Weekly roundups of international PLRs.

Rubin on Tax: "When Is Bad Health an Excuse for a Late Return?"


Tax matters

Beancounter Ramblings: Tax-free versus taxable interest income.

TaxMama: Revealing stats on back taxes owed.

TaxProf Blog: The Global Tax big 50.

Liberty Tax Blog: Political contributions and deductions.


And the winner is...

The Wandering Tax Pro: Always vote with more than one issue -- such as tax policies -- in mind.

Backtaxeshelp: Potential tax-policy changes, depending on who won.

Don't Mess with Taxes: Why Ways and Means and Senate Finance incumbents should hold tax-writing seats.

A Taxing Matter: Romney then and now on Mormonism and abortion, plus how the GOP disliked a CRC report on tax cuts' impacts on economic growth.

Tax Girl: Election Day minute by minute.

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