Rise of the machines: A business survival guide

A business survival guide

November 30, 2016

Time: 02:00PM ET

The accounting industry is shifting. Today’s small business software solutions are increasingly sophisticated, automated and integrated. Join Joe Woodard in this forward-looking journey into small business innovation as he projects the future of accounting and small business and prepares current and future professionals to play in this midst of a radical and imminent paradigm shift.

Are you ready for the shift in the accounting industry? Understanding and adopting innovative technologies can result in extreme levels of data automation. Replacing up to 80% of the manual bookkeeping process will allow you to break down the walls and become a true transformational agent for your clients.

Learning Objectives:

  • Analyze the ongoing challenges and new opportunities facing our industry, as well as new opportunities afforded our industry, due to the prominence of affordable, easy to use small business accounting solutions.
  • Learn how innovative technologies are changing the future of small business accounting by streamlining, or even eliminating, transaction data entry.
  • Examine why many leading accounting firms in the country are re-adopting client accounting services, and the technologies that are driving this industry shift.