Get the right reports to the right people with Fathom

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By Erin Walsh Dyer

Fathom puts powerful analytical tools and reporting packages at your fingertips with QuickBooks® Online Advanced, and can help you boost your firm’s advisory services.

Use Fathom to help your clients track key performance indicators and set goals for how they want to grow. Automatically pull data from Advanced accounts to create beautiful Fathom report packages that show exactly how your client’s business is performing.

Erin Walsh Dyer of The Bookkeeper’s Friend details how to use Fathom to serve your fast growing and complex clients through customized reporting. Use Fathom to set up meaningful automated report packages for your clients’ stakeholders: executives, bookkeepers, financial managers, and the compliance/audit team.

Download the PDF, “Get the Right Reports to the Right People With Fathom.” Click on the image below or download it here.

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