Accounts payable are a fact of life for every company. Bills need to be paid accurately and on time. But beneath the transactional flow of bills in and payments out are a myriad of processes, operational decisions and cultural implications. There are inherent risks, employees to manage, deadlines and adjustments, purchase orders to match and approvals to apply. And there are opportunities for improvement at every step.

Whether you are an external advisor working with multiple clients or a CFO, it’s time to take a closer look at this critical operational department.

In this webinar, you will learn about tools and techniques for empowering teams, eliminating drudgery, and tightening internal controls while making the most of valuable relationships with vendors and suppliers.

In this session, we will cover,

  • What tools and techniques are available to you
  • How to tighten internal controls within accounts payable
  • How to build mutually beneficial relationships with vendors
  • How automation software supports these objectives

Key Speakers

Daniel Hood
Moderator Editor in Chief, Accounting Today
Geni Whitehouse
Founder, Even a Nerd Can Be Heard
Sera Chowdhury
Account Executive, MineralTree