Tax Season is the busiest time of the year for Accountants, and should be the most profitable. However, too many firms miss out on opportunities because they are tied to traditional processes that are time consuming, and don’t add value.

Now practices finally have the chance to change all that. Leveraging new tools allows you to create more efficient workflows, which in turn frees up your time to add value in your client relationships. Your clients, your team, and your profit margins will all feel the benefits.

Having worked with thousands of accounting firms, Receipt Bank’s VP of Business Development Damien Greathead will show you how your firm can break free of the traditional tax season pitfalls. Damien will be joined by cloud accountant Mary Hollister, they’ll discuss how to find new opportunities for growth and profit.

In this webinar, you’ll find out:

● How leading firms are using shifting their business model towards Monthly Recurring Revenue, Real Time Accounting and Accounting Automation to hack traditional processes
● The trick to getting the essential accounting documents you need from your clients without chasing
● How to use new tools to widen your profit margins while providing a superior client experience

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Key Speakers

Mary Hollister
Founder Mary Hollister CPA
Damien Greathead
Vice President of Business Development, Receipt Bank
Ranica Arrowsmith
Technology Editor, Accounting Today