What does the tax department of the future look like?

How does it operate?

And what is your firm doing today in order to get there in the future?

Technology is making it easier for firms to prepare tax returns. However, off-setting this benefit, the same technology allows clients to expect faster service, with more done in less time. So how do you balance the two?

The tax department of the future will need to find the right balance of technology and services to remain relevant — allowing firms to continue adding value and growing client relationships. Join this one hour panel discussion and gain some ideas and best practices to keep in mind as you set a path to ensure your firm truly benefits from the Future of Tax. You’ll learn why firms should focus on developing the correct mindsets, skillsets and toolsets of their professionals to maintain relevance both now and in the future.

Key Speakers

Roger Russell
Senior Editor Accounting Today
Michael Wherry, CPA & LSS Black Belt
Consultant Boomer Consulting, Inc.
Cody Page
Chief Operating Officer Peterson Sullivan LLP