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AICPA Top 10 Tech

The American Institute of CPAs released its annual Top Technology Initiatives Survey, which ranks the IT issues of most concern to accountants and their clients. The Top 10 follow, along with the percentage of respondents who felt either confident or highly confident that their client or organization is handling the task appropriately.

1. Securing the IT environment 1. Securing the IT environment

Security -- in many forms -- was a major component of many of the Top 10 Tech Initiatives. Handling it well: 62%.

2. Managing and retaining data 2. Managing and retaining data

Data wants to be free -- but you can get sued for that. Handling it well: 61%.

3. Managing risk and compliance 3. Managing risk and compliance

You used to worry that a staffer was breaking the law; now you have to worry about your software, too. Handling it well: 65%.

4. Ensuring privacy 4. Ensuring privacy

It's not just Facebook and Google whose privacy policies matter. Handling it well: 62%.

5. Leveraging emerging technologies 5. Leveraging emerging technologies

The pace of change makes keeping up a critical capability. Handling it well: 34%.

6. Managing system implementation 6. Managing system implementation

It's the kind of thing you want to get right the first time. Handling it well: 52%.

7. Enabling decision support and managing performance 7. Enabling decision support and managing performance

Data should make decisions easier -- in theory. Handling it well: 46%.

8. Governing and managing IT investment/spending 8. Governing and managing IT investment/spending

Metrics and measurements for ROI are slowly emerging. Handling it well: 56%.

9. Preventing and responding to fraud 9. Preventing and responding to fraud

A perennial concern is getting easier with more sophisticated tools. Handling it well: 60%.

10. Managing vendors and service providers 10. Managing vendors and service providers

Gone are the days when your relationship ended with the purchase. Handling it well: 56%.

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