Deloitte & Touche plans to cut about 900 employees from its offices in the U.S. to adjust to the slowing economy.

"Just like anybody else, we are looking to cut costs," said spokesperson Deborah Harrington. Less than 2 percent of Deloitte's 45,000 employees would be affected. The cuts are expected to occur in a short time and not in any particular location.

"In a move to align its workforce to better reflect business and client needs, Deloitte LLP is taking a number of steps to reduce costs, including adjustments to its workforce levels in the United States," the firm said in a statement e-mailed by Harrington. "The cost-containment program is taking place across all support functions and client service units. Part of the plan is to align our headcount according to current and projected revenues. Like our competitors, we are affected by a number of economic events, including the overall slowdown in the U.S. and global economies."