Business intelligence company iLumen announced that is offering free accountant access to its Client Diagnostic Report from now until June.

The free report is available through iLumen’s ReportPro system. It is currently used by CPA firms a basis to provide business advice to clients, as well as a sales tool in proposals. 

The Client Diagnostic Report analyzes the year over year performance of the client in areas such as profitability, cash flow, working capital and debt management. It includes over 50 financial metrics including revenue growth, profit margins, expenses as a percentage of revenue, current ratio, debt service coverage and sustainable growth rate.

In addition, the Client Diagnostic Report allows registered users to input the company’s financial statements into a simple Web form. The system analyzes the client information in real time and   once the report is downloaded, it can be customized with the firm name, logo and the client’s name before being presented to the client or prospect.

 “Our vision has always been to help our customers gather, standardize, analyze and report data, transforming it into actionable insights to drive better decisions for their clients.   iLumen grew out of the accounting industry and this remains our primary focus today,” said iLumen chief executive Michael O’Shaughnessey. “Through iLumen’s free Client Diagnostic Report offering, CPA firms will have access to a comprehensive analytical report that performs extensive analysis on the company’s historical performance and highlights areas of challenges and opportunities. CPA firms can use the report to provide advisory services to clients and create competitive differentiation.  This is also an invaluable report in marketing and proposals.”

To learn more, visit the iLumen site.