The Institute of Management Accountants released the results of a survey Monday showing that in every region the global accounting association surveyed, professionals holding its Certified Management Accountant credential had greater earning power than non-CMAs.

The IMA surveyed members from its Asia/Pacific, Europe, Americas (excluding the United States), and Middle East/Africa regions and received responses from nearly 2,500 individuals. It found, globally, CMA holders earn an average of 45 percent more in annual salary and 48 percent more in annual compensation than noncertified peers, reinforcing the benefits of certification. In addition, nearly half of all respondents reported receiving a raise within six months prior to the survey. Earlier this year, the IMA released its Annual Salary Survey of the U.S., which revealed similar benefits of certification.

“The International Salary Survey underscores the benefits of professionals achieving CMA certification as a way of enhancing, validating and promoting their skills,” said IMA vice president of research and professor-in-residence Dr. Raef Lawson in a statement. “As IMA continues to expand internationally, the tangible benefits that the CMA credential provides management accountants is clear.”

The CMA’s earning power is universally consistent, according to the survey, with its impact seen even at the earliest career stages (in ages 19 to 29). The average total compensation for CMA-certified young professionals was 30 percent higher than their noncertified peers.

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