Comedian Katt Williams is facing a tax lien from the Internal Revenue Service for over $4 million.

The IRS filed a tax lien against the actor for failing to pay $3.2 million in taxes for 2008 and $829,352 for 2009, according to TMZ. That is in addition to an earlier tax lien for $284,000 filed in 2010.

The 43-year-old comedian and rap singer has been involved in a series of legal problems of late. Last month, he was sued for $5 million by his former assistant for allegedly punching her. Earlier this month he was accused by a Target employee of slapping him for calling Williams the N-word.

He also was arrested recently for driving a three-wheel motorbike down a sidewalk and refusing to stop for the police, nearly hitting five pedestrians. Last month, he was arrested for allegedly assaulting another man with a bottle aboard his tour bus. Earlier this month, he was arrested after a bar fight.

On top of that, an attendee at one of his standup comedy shows in Oakland filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of himself and other audience members accusing Williams of giving a “nonperformance.” The comedian reportedly confronted a heckler and then tried to fight at least three other audience members before leaving after about 10 minutes into his show last month.