QuickBooks-integrated inventory controls provider Fishbowl has released Fishbowl Inventory 2013 with integrated UPS shipping, providing customers with the ability to process and ship orders from within Fishbowl Inventory.

With the new integration, Fishbowl customers can now also view customer-specific negotiated UPS rates; ship from their UPS accounts; and receive email notifications to stay up to date on shipment progress.

“Of all the Fishbowl customers who use shipping manager programs, the majority employ UPS,” said Fishbowl chief executive David K. Williams. “The new integration simplifies the shipping process, which helps these companies become more efficient and profitable.”

In addition, Fishbowl Inventory 2013 boasts several other key enhancements, including the ability to view inventory information via an Internet connection using Fishbowl Pipeline; reports that analyze key data and business processes; and integration with several EDI solutions, which large retailers require suppliers to use to transmit sales orders and inventory information.

Current Fishbowl customers under contract will receive Fishbowl Inventory 2013 at no additional charge within their standard scheduled Fishbowl software updates.

For more information, visit www.fishbowlinventory.com.