Corporate enterprise tax software provider Vertex Inc. has released Vertex Tax Accounting, a product designed to improve global provisioning as well as provide a source for modeling tax planning strategies.

Vertex Tax Accounting provides a multi-ledger, multi-GAAP, multi-currency and multi-year offering that is integrated with the Vertex Tax Data Warehouse, a commercial, off-the-shelf tax data warehouse that allows companies to import data from multiple sources and export it to multiple tax applications regardless of the provider.

"Multinational companies require tax technology that accommodates continual change, whether it's change in business models, entity structures, GAAP accounting or tax laws," said Vertex president and chief executive Jeff Westphal. "Vertex Tax Accounting, as a part of Vertex Enterprise, offers a data-driven, highly sophisticated approach to global provisioning that unleashes the strategic potential of corporate tax departments like never before."

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