Alletta Emeno

Alletta Emeno is senior vice president of Marketing for Meridian Bank. She oversees marketing and retail and brand strategy for Meridian, a community bank in the suburbs of PhiladelphiaAlletta, who joined Meridian in 2015, is leading the creation of the bank’s “branch lite” model, which involves bringing together the best of community banking with online banking to create a superb customer experience. Her areas of responsibility include retail banking, brand management, advertising, product development and customer experience.Prior to joining Meridian, she lead the Strategic Insights group for Beneficial Bank, where her role emphasized product development, market research, marketing strategy and data analysis. Until 2008, Alletta worked outside the banking industry as an award-winning reporter for The Philadelphia Inquirer for 12 years, leading the paper’s computer-assisted reporting unit.Alletta is the former president of the PennJerDel Bank Marketing Association.She is a graduate of University of Miami with a B.S. in Communication with a focus in journalism and international and comparative studies.