Barbara Spoonhour

Barbara Spoonhour, Director of Energy and Environmental Programs, has been with WRCOG since 2001.� Ms. Spoonhour has over 10 years� experience in local government and over 15 years in implementing environmental programs.� Ms. Spoonhour oversees the energy efficiency and water conservation program for Western Riverside County, referred to as HERO.� The HERO program expanded statewide in 2014 and currently has over $1 billion in approved projects.� In addition, Ms. Spoonhour oversees the Western Riverside Energy Leader Partnership, which is a public-private partnership with Southern California Edison that promotes jurisdictional leadership for the promotion of energy efficiency.In 2006, Ms. Spoonhour wrote and was awarded a California Integrated Waste Management Board grant to construct as well as of one of the first inland waterways boater outreach and used oil collection site in California.� Many of the Programs that Ms. Spoonhour oversees are state funded and have extensive tracking and reporting requirements.� Ms. Spoonhour has successfully doubled the number of jurisdictional participants in the Clean Cities Coalition, expanded an elementary school recycling outreach program, and increased participation in the Clean Cities Coalition�s annual event. �