Carol Dillon  Kissal

Carol Dillon Kissal

Carol Dillon Kissal joined Metro on August 18, 2008. In her role as Chief Financial Officer she is responsible for the financial integrity of the Authority. She has direct responsibility for the collection of revenues and other income, the disbursement of all payments, Federal grants management, investment of Authority funds, financing and borrowing, purchasing all goods and services required by the Authority, and accounting for financial transactions, assets, liabilities, payables, and receivables. The department also develops the Authority capital improvement and operating budgets, controls expenditures, and calculates and bills local jurisdictions for their contributions to the Authority.Ms. Kissal was the Deputy Director of the District of Columbia Department of Transportation. In that role she was responsible for the allocation of $1billion in Federal Highway funds. She also directed the accounting and budget activities for the District of Columbia public school system which has a $1 billion operating budget and a $10 billion capital budget. In addition to her experience in D.C. government, she has 6 years experience in transportation funding with Amtrak. As Corporate Treasurer for Amtrak, she helped to secure more than $2.2 billion in capital investment for Amtrak; developed self insurance property and liability programs, and managed debt and investment portfolios. Ms. Kissal worked at IBM for several years in financial capacities worldwide. She has an MBA in Corporate Finance from Pace University.