Christopher M. Brigati

As Managing Director, Head of Municipal Trading at Advisors Asset Management, Inc. (AAM), Chris is responsible for overseeing all municipal bond business on behalf of the Firm. He oversees a team of individuals responsible for providing access to the municipal market on behalf of the Firm's diverse client base. Additionally, Chris oversees the risk management and business development needs of the business; focusing upon growing the opportunity and footprint of the Firm to better serve client needs. Chris also engages in media relations activities on behalf of the AAM, focusing upon issues regarding the municipal market and related investor activities.Prior to this, Chris served as Managing Director -- Head of Wealth Management Municipal Trading at Morgan Stanley since 2006. In this role Chris oversaw a team of 25 individuals and the risk management for a nearly $750 million dollar balance sheet delivering consistently growing revenue throughout his tenure. In 2013, Chris advanced the successful integration of the Smith Barney and Morgan Stanley Wealth Management businesses. Prior to departing, he coordinated the integration of the Morgan Stanley Wealth Management business with the Morgan Stanley Institutional Trading business to centralize the municipal franchise under one umbrella.Before assuming responsibility for managing the Wealth Management municipal business, Chris held a number of roles serving as a trader providing access to the markets to the wide variety of institutional and retail clients of the Firm. Additionally, he worked with Investment Representatives to provide high net worth clients of the Firm with customized fixed-income solutions to their investing needs.