Dave Konuch

David Konuch is EVP, General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer for Quick Intelligence, which provides cybersecurity solutions to financial institutions, and partner at David August Konuch P.A. Dave began his career in data security in the late 1990s, working on the Federal Communications Commission's privacy rules as an FCC staffer. After leaving the FCC in 2000, Dave served on the team that successfully defended one of the largest privacy breach class actions ever filed under the federal Communications Act.He is Co-founder of the annual Florida Privacy and Cybersecurity Symposium, held at EverBank Auditorium in Jacksonville, Florida, which highlights privacy and cybersecurity trends for financial services providers. His company Quick Intelligence offers a cloud based platform to help enterprises and privacy professionals attain and maintain regulatory compliance, while increasing security and profitability for their institutions. Dave is a graduate of Stanford University and Tulane Law School, and is licensed to practice law in Florida, California and Washington, D.C.