Dr. F. John  Mathis

Dr. F. John Mathis

John Mathis, Ph.D., is a professor of global banking and finance and the director of the Global Financial Services Center at Thunderbird School of Global Management. He is a world-renowned economist, who is highly sought after by corporations (both financial and non-financial), global organizations, and the media for his global perspective and expertise related to the finance and banking industry and the current economic and financial crisis. His expertise includes the spectrum of industry subjects, including private equity, global finance and accounting, financial-institution management, international banking and financial institutions, international finance and trade, global economics, economic development, and country risk analysis.He has contributed numerous articles to prestigious financial journals, been interviewed by top global media, and he has been invited to speak all over the world on international business issues. In early 2009, he was tapped by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority to join an elite group of international thought leaders, senior Saudi officials and executives in Riyadh to discuss the impact of the financial crisis on Saudi Arabia and to help shape the country’s strategies for weathering the storm.Before joining the Thunderbird faculty, Dr. Mathis was a senior portfolio officer with The World Bank/International Finance Corp., and he was a senior financial analyst with The World Bank/International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. In addition, he was formerly chief international economist with Continental Illinois National Bank (now part of Bank of America Corp.), and was also previously an international economist at Chase Manhattan Bank (now JPMorgan/Chase). In fact, Dr. Mathis is credited with developing the legacy country-risk-evaluation systems of the financial institutions at which he was formerly employed.Dr. Mathis has written and edited several books that have become widely used – including “Corporate Financial Management” and “Offshore Lending by U.S. Commercial Banks,” broadly recognized as the definitive work on international banking and country risk analysis. Dr. Mathis’s broad field of experience and global perspective have afforded him unique expertise in applying analyses of changes in the economic and financial environment; in projecting and evaluating financial and economic developments globally; in identifying the risks and management options and policies associated with domestic and international loans and investments; in realistically evaluating private-equity investment opportunities; in developing corporate borrowing, liquidity and investment strategies and policies; and in formulating financial plans and budgets for financial restructuring employing structured products.Dr. Mathis earned his Ph.D. in economics at the University of Iowa and received both his MA and his BA (both also in economics) from the University of California, Riverside.