Ian Flanagan

Ian is a Director with KPMG’s Infrastructure Advisory practice in the United States and leads the Rail Sector team.� He provides financial, commercial, and strategic advice to public and private sector clients for the financing and delivery of infrastructure assets. He specializes in feasibility analysis, valuations, and transaction structuring and execution in the rail and road sectors.Detail on recent rail clients is provided below.California High-Speed Rail:Ian currently manages the KPMG team that is team assisting the California High‑Speed Rail Authority to deliver the first high‑speed rail project in the United States. In this role, he manages a team of over 50 financial professionals.� KPMG has been providing financial, commercial, and strategic advisory services to the Authority since 2011. Ian has advised the Authority on three procurements, including a $1 billion infrastructure procurement, a second $1.5 billion infrastructure procurement, and an ongoing $1 billion rolling stock procurement. Ian is also responsible for managing a team that performs feasibility and valuation analysis, funding and financing strategy assistance, and delivery options analysis for the Authority on project segments and elements (e.g., power, track, systems, operations, stations).Northwest Indiana Regional Development AuthorityIan is currently the project manager for KPMG’s team that is team assisting the Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority (RDA) on their commuter rail and transit oriented development project.� The project consists of a new commuter rail extension, double tracking of an existing commuter rail line, upgrade of four existing stations, and new build of four new stations.KPMG will lead the market sounding process to gauge investor interest and develop a strategy for leveraging innovative financing and investment into the project.��Other Relevant experienceIndiana Finance Authority – advised on the structuring and closing of a P3 project valued at over $300 million.� Continue to provide financial and commercial advice on the State of Indiana’s P3 projects.�Indiana Department of Transportation – advising the Innovative Delivery Program across numerous initiatives to procure and implement projects through innovative delivery mechanisms to enhance value to the departmentNevada Department of Transportation – served as the Project Director for an engagement to provide financial and commercial advice to NDOT in the structuring of an availability payment P3 project in Las Vegas, Nevada.California Department of Transportation – provided financial and commercial advice on a transaction valued at over $300 million using a P3 contract model with an availability payment mechanism.State of Michigan – provided financial and commercial advice on setting up the state’s public-private partnership program and analyzing numerous projects for innovative delivery cross a variety of sectors�