Jacob  Williams

Jacob Williams

Jacob Williams has been part of the Wells Fargo team for more than 14 years. He has played a role on fulfillment, sales, and strategy teams, helping to lead business process reengineering for Wells Fargo’s strategic initiatives to improve the customer experience at origination and loan closing, which eventually led him to eBusiness. He has made it his priority to help customers have informed choices, clear understanding, and convenient ways to do business with Wells Fargo. His experience includes supporting major change management activities, both technical and non-technical, and he has extensive knowledge of electronic/digital lending and fulfillment capabilities across multiple customer devices.Jacob currently leads Wells Fargo Home Mortgage’s eLending program, which designs and implements compliant, enterprise-level, online and paperless capabilities that render enhanced regulatory controls, improved customer experience, and increased business efficiencies. Jacob is responsible for collaborating with a large team of essential partners in eBusiness and the Delivery, Architecture, Digital, Legal, Compliance, and Technology teams.�He lives and works in Phoenix, AZ. He has a Master’s in Philosophy with seconds in Art and English Linguistics.