Jeremy Nicholas

Jeremy Nicholas is vice president of global digital product marketing at Visa, where he leads marketing for Visa's digital solutions & innovations teams.� In this role, he�s responsible for global rollout of product innovations from Visa, including: Visa Checkout, which simplifies online payments on any device; Visa PayWave, which is Visa�s solution for payments made by tapping phones, cards, or other NFC-enabled devices; and Visa�s Digital Solutions Platform, which supports current and future digital payment solutions for mobile phones and tablets, wearables, and other connected devices.A passion for technology, corporate leadership and of course, football, drew Jeremy to a role as vice president of Global Football Sponsorship at Visa -- and to a life in Silicon Valley. For the recent FIFA World Cup in Brazil, he was responsible for the creation, development and deployment of global marketing and advertising.� He also oversaw relationships with the rights holder and the implementation of all Visa�s payment technology and infrastructure into the 12 stadia in Brazil.Jeremy has more than 20 years of creative & commercial marketing experience, working at influential creative companies in the UK and Australia.