Jim Calpin

As a twenty year veteran in Public Finance, Mr. Calpin leads a team of ten bankers at Bank of America Merrill Lynch who are solely dedicated to the field of transportation finance.  Mr. Calpin joined Merrill Lynch’s New York office  in June 2008 after spending 17 years at UBS who exited the municipal banking business earlier that year.  His banking team covers all disciplines of transportation public finance including national coverage of start-up and mature toll roads, state gas tax bonds, GARVEEs, airports, seaports and transit projects.  While focusing primarily on public financing solutions, Mr. Calpin also brings experience in the P3 arena and served as lead banker for the Missouri 800 Bridges project and other projects in Texas and Virginia.  Mr. Calpin has a long history in Florida and has served a senior manager to all the major toll issuers in the State.  Most recently, Mr. Calpin and his team have been serving as the lead banker to the North Carolina Turnpike Authority, first on its inaugural Triangle Expressway project in the Raleigh area, and currently on the Monroe Connector project outside of Charlotte.  Mr. Calpin resides in New York and is a graduate of Villanova University.