Judy Wesalo Temel

Judy is the Director of Credit Research and is a member of the Investment Committee at Fiera Capital Inc. where she is responsible for the credit approval and oversight process for the firm’s $7 billion tax-exempt and taxable fixed income AUM. Fiera’s tax-exempt investment strategies emphasize preservation of capital and tax efficiency, so her credit analyses focus on state and local governments and investment grade revenue bond issuers including transportation, health care, higher education and utilities.� She was a founding principal of Samson Capital Advisors which was acquired by Fiera Capital in 2015.� Judy is the author of The Fundamentals of Municipal Bonds, 5th Edition (John Wiley and Sons, 2001), and has lectured and written extensively about municipal credit and other aspects of the market. Prior to being a principal of Samson she was with Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers and the New York City Comptroller.� She is currently a member of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority Inspector General Management Advisory Board and has also served as a Board Member of the New York City Municipal Water Finance Authority.�Judy received a B.S. from Cornell University, and�an M.P.A. from New York University.