Mark Epstein

R. Mark Epstein co-founded California Financial Services after spending almost a decade in public finance at Smith Barney. Leaving the firm as Vice President after three years leading the California K-12 Education group, he became a partner in his own firm, California Financial Services (CFS) in 1990. Today, he is the managing partner of CFS and oversees the Northern California Region, including the firm�s Sacramento and Santo Rosa offices. In his 29 year career in public finance, he has participated in more than $5 billion in municipal funding programs -- including $3 billion in public education and related borrowings. In addition to his background in finance, Mr. Epstein served for seven years on the Rincon Valley School District Board of Trustees in Sonoma County, where he expanded his understanding of the operations, culture and political realities of running a California school district. While at Rincon Valley, Mr. Epstein was the lead board member in conducting the district�s G.O. Bond election and one of two board members with lead responsibility for the two parcel tax measures passed by the district during his tenure. Through this and other experiences in his three decades serving schools, he has developed a multi-disciplinary approach to providing financial/facility planning services, including the evaluation and preparation of facility master plans, demographic studies, development projections, debt management software and State of California school construction grant programs. Mr. Epstein has an A.B. degree in Humanities from Stanford University.