Nathan Majchrzak

My career in the residential lending industry began in October 2003 and continues today.� Since beginning my career, I have been involved with every aspect of the origination/lending process.� Having held many positions from processor, loan originator and branch manager, and gaining knowledge over the years, I have been able to become a great resource for my clients and co-workers.Prior to joining the lending industry, I spent my time as a software engineer developing client applications for client/server, internet and intranet environments.� During my tenure as a product developer, I was able to gain a unique skill-set that allows me to address the specific needs for the end-user.� This client-focused approach provided me a natural transition to working within the residential lending industry.� Testing, adopting and employing the technologies that drive today’s mortgage industry has become a passion, has allowed me to gain a competitive advantage over the competition and assists me in providing a high level of service to our customers.