Neil Morse

Neil J. Morse is a principal of Morse Communications in Newtown, Conn., an editorial and marketing communications firm primarily serving the U.S. mortgage industry. He established the firm in 2000 on the strength of previous career experience in marketing communications and a more recent stint as Executive Editor of mortgage/finance publications.Mr. Morse regularly contributes feature-length articles to Mortgage Banking Magazine and While attending college, Mr. Morse conducted art auctions at resort hotels in New York and was at the original Woodstock concert with a few friends. In his professional career, he has been a daily newspaper reporter and edited a consumer electronics newsletter, where he coined the term “camcorder,” to describe the industry’s first one-piece unit for video recording. Mr. Morse holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and a Master’s Degree in Communications from Fairfield (Conn.) University, where he is an adjunct faculty member, teaching courses in Persuasion, Mass Media & Society and Human Communication.