Olivier Helleboid

As VP of Product and Engineering for Intuit’s Financial Data�Services organization, Helleboid leads the team that is responsible�for the acquisition and management of financial data that enables�awesome customer experiences across all Intuit offerings.�Previously, he was VP of Product Management for Intuit’s�Employee Management Solutions business unit, responsible for�delivering new payroll and employee management products to�Intuit’s small business and accountant customers.�Before Intuit, Helleboid was EVP of Products at BEA Systems, a�web application platform company. He was also formerly president�and CEO of Rainfinity, a security and storage virtualization start-up company. Prior to that, he spent 20 years in the networking and�server industry, including being the VP and GM for the OpenView�Software Business Unit at Hewlett-Packard.�Helleboid holds an engineer’s degree from the Ecole Nationale�Sup�rieure des T�l�communications in Paris, France. He received�an M.S. in management from the Sloan School of Management at�MIT.