Ritta McLaughlin

Ritta McLaughlin is Senior Director of Market Leadership for the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB). In this position, she facilitates discussion and problem-solving among market stakeholders to address challenges in the municipal market, advocate solutions where appropriate and influence positive market practices. Ms. McLaughlin oversees external affairs of the MSRB including intergovernmental relations, legislative affairs, and all education, outreach and communication activities.Prior to joining the MSRB, Ms. McLaughlin was associate treasurer for the District of Columbia, where she handled the District’s multi-billion dollar debt management program. During her career, Ms. McLaughlin was also an executive director of J.P. Morgan, an associate director at Bear Stearns and a senior banker for a number of states and municipalities. Ms. McLaughlin’s extensive market knowledge benefits the MSRB by providing strategic thought leadership for the industry in an effort to understand trends and anticipate future needs.She received a bachelor's degree in urban policy from Vassar College and a master’s degree in urban policy and management from Milano The New School for Social Research.