Robert  Chandler

Robert Chandler

Robert J. Chandler is the founder and acting President/CEO at Cloud9 Real Time, an accredited Managed Service Provider (MSP), application hosting company and licensed Intuit Commercial Host.Headquartered in San Diego, Calif., Cloud9 Real Time ( helps companies adapt to doing business "in the Cloud" – utilizing the Internet as the network for outsourcing information technology (IT) and software application (e.g., QuickBooks) services.Robert is an acknowledged industry visionary, published author and leader in Cloud computing technology.Robert is a leading national advocate of modern bookkeeping methods that include universal Internet service with remote access to client files, outsourcing of bookkeeping work, automated bookkeeping systems and techniques, professional certification for all bookkeeping practitioners and Cloud computing advancements for an aging industry.As a former accountant, Robert has hands-on experience with Cloud technology and hundreds of software applications.Robert is the author of the recently published book “Together in the Cloud” (, an informative "How To" guide that offers readers insight into how businesses can implement and utilize Cloud technologies in order to bridge the gap between users, applications and IT. Robert is regularly interviewed on the topic of Cloud Computing for SMBs.He is a sought-after speaker for Accounting and Technology conferences nationwide, and is actively involved in moving the accounting industry forward with advancements in technology.Robert recently won the award under category "Expert" for the 2012 Small Business Influencer Awards produced by Small Business Trends and BlackBerry. The Small Business Influencer Awards honor those who are influential to small businesses in North America through the products, services, knowledge, information or support they provide to the small business market.