Roger Driskell

Roger Driskell is the Director of the Office of Planning and Programming.� He is responsible for the Department’s strategic capital planning process which results in the development and monitoring of short and long range aviation, highway, public transit, rail, freight, public, and waterway transportation plans and programs to accomplish state transportation objectives.� This position also oversees the review, investigation, and implementation of alternative contracting methods, including Public-Private Partnerships and Design-Build.Mr. Driskell began his employment with IDOT in 1985 working primarily in Construction as a Resident Engineer and Supervising Field Engineer; in Design as a Squad Leader, Project Engineer, and as the Policy Engineer responsible for the Department’s Design Manual Specifications and Standards and was then promoted to the Central Bureau Chief of Construction.� Prior to becoming the Director of the Office of Planning and Programming, Mr.�Driskell was the Deputy Director of Highways, Region Four Engineer covering Districts Six and Seven.Roger is a graduate of Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering and he is a Licensed Professional Engineer in Illinois.