Samantha Manfer

Samantha Manfer is Director of Business Development at Prospect Mortgage. Prospect Mortgage is one of the nation’s largest independent lenders participating in purchase transactions, traditional refinance and portfolio refinance. Recently, her focus has been on winning strategies in mortgage originations. She has been instrumental helping portfolio owners move qualified borrowers out of over-leveraged, ARM, negatively amortizing or higher than market rate loans. Prospect offers both traditional and a HUD sponsored lending products such as Short Refinance 1023 Program and Hope for Homeowners. Educated at UCLA, Samantha has worked in the financial services industry for several years. In addition to her current work at Prospect Mortgage, her background includes Warehouse Financing, Correspondent Lending, REO/Short Auction experience. This broad and unique background has enabled Samantha to develop unique insights into the today’s current challenges.