Stephanie Scola

Stephanie Scola is Delaware’s Director of Bond Finance reporting to the State’s Secretary of Finance.� Stephanie is responsible for statewide debt issuance activities, investor relations and, of course, ongoing investor disclosure.� In her position, Stephanie maintains a network of resource partners, external as well as internal, that contribute information for the state’s primary and secondary market disclosure.� The content of Delaware’s investor website, designed by Ms. Scola and now linked to EMMA, was honored as a “top pick” among states by, an independent online resource specializing in municipal matters.����Prior to joining the State, Stephanie was the capital markets manager for Conectiv’s Treasury Department where she managed a $2 billion debt portfolio and reported many types of securities offerings on EDGAR, the private sector version of EMMA.� Stephanie is from New Jersey, graduated from The Richard Stockton State College and Monmouth University and served as an Adjunct Professor in the Business Department of Atlantic Cape Community College.