Tim Bauer

Tim Bauer is an ARM (Account Receivables Management) executive with a wide range of experience in M&A, Operations, Compliance, Sales & Marketing, and Portfolio Acquisitions.��Tim is the CEO of Integrity Solution Services, Inc. (ISSI) and a member of the steering committee for the Consumer Relations Consortium (www.crconsortium.org).� In March, 2009 Bauer, and his investment entity, Reprise Management Group collaborated with H.I.G. Capital (H.I.G) a Private Equity Group based in Miami, FL to search for investment opportunities in the ARM space.� In December of 2009 H.I.G. and Reprise announced two significant strategic investments.� The first was National Asset Recovery Services (NARS) a premier provider of BPO and ARM services with near-shore facilities in Jamaica and Panama.� In December, 2010 H.I.G. and Reprise announced the acquisition of Pinnacle Financial Group (PFG) and in April, 2011 the acquisition of Integrity Financial Partners (IFP). Both of those entities became part of the NARS family. On January 1, 2013 the combined companies were re-branded under the ISSI name.�Previously Tim was engaged in a special capacity at Academy Collection Service, Inc. (ACS) from September, 2007 through February, 2009.�� He was hired at ACS to facilitate a settlement of an FTC investigation of ACS that had begun in 2006 and to explore a sale of the business. The settlement was announced in July of 2008. The company was sold later that same year.�From June of 2004 through October of 2006 Tim was with Outsourcing Solutions Inc (OSI) and OSI Portfolio Services (OSIPS).� During this time Tim held dual simultaneous roles. He was Executive Vice President of OSI, responsible for all sales and marketing efforts and he was President of OSIPS, responsible for Portfolio Acquisitions.�Prior to joining OSI, Tim was Executive Vice President of Business Development at Risk Management Alternatives, Inc. (RMA).� Tim was with RMA from January 1997 though February, 2004. During his tenure at RMA, he was responsible for all business development issues for and with RMA clients. In light of his unique background, he was also responsible for the creation, implementation, and ongoing supervision of the RMA Attorney Network, as well as the creation of new product offerings for RMA which took advantage of the resources of an in-house legal network.Prior to moving into the business development role at RMA, Tim was RMA�s Chief Operating Officer.� As Chief Operating officer he was involved in management of the company�s 25 operating centers.�At RMA Tim was also involved in nine (9) separate acquisitions; from identification of the target, to negotiation of LOI�s, to closing, and finally, to post-closing integration of those acquisitionsBefore joining RMA, Tim was a Senior Vice President of the Legal Products Group for Nationwide Credit, Inc. (NCI).� At NCI, Tim inherited legal forwarding departments that had relationships with over 500 attorneys and law firms throughout the United States.�� During his tenure at NCI, Tim reduced the number of attorneys and law firms who received new business from NCI to a more manageable roster of approximately 100 law firms.� He has also introduced new technology into the department to allow greater ease and flexibility into the management of the attorney network.Prior to joining the �Agency� world, Tim spent 15 years as a Shareholder with the Minneapolis law firm of Messerli & Kramer, P.A., where he was head of that firm�s Credit/Collections Department.Tim was one of the founding members of the first national attorney network, the American Association of Creditor Attorneys (AACA).� He was President of that organization from 1991-1992 and Vice-President from 1987-1991 and from 1992-1995.Tim obtained his B.A. from St. Mary�s University of Minnesota and his J.D. from Loyola University of Chicago, School of Law.Mr. Bauer is a frequent speaker at Credit and Collections conferences on issues ranging from �Current Trends in the Collection Business� to �Legal Networks� to �FDCPA Compliance� to �Technology Advancements�.�