Tim  Witt

Tim Witt

Timothy A. Witt was appointed to senior director, integrated services, for Diebold, Incorporated in September of 2011. He is responsible for leading Diebold’s integrated services business, which provides outsourced services, such as managing ATM networks, multi-vertical integration, business process management, and a variety of security programs that protect data and premises and assist customers with regulatory compliance.As part of the North American integrated services team, Witt spearheaded the launch of Diebold Integrated Services®, and he continues to work to enhance and evolve the field by providing end-to-end integrated services and solutions. Also, he leads the Global Sales Strategy Council to further expand Diebold’s Integrated Services to meet customer needs on a worldwide basis. Prior to his current position, Witt’s focus was on Diebold’s emerging technologies and initiatives for 13 years, where he handled software and IT technology for regional and national accounts. Before joining Diebold, he was a national account manager for a data communications company where he was responsible for consulting and managing emerging data communication technologies. Witt received a bachelor’s degree from The University of Akron in psychology and currently resides in Akron, Ohio.