The 2019 Top 100 Firms

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A recent search through the archives reminded us that Accounting Today has been ranking the top firms in the profession for almost 30 years. And just a quick glance through the names on those old lists — many of them long vanished, or surviving only as an initial in a much larger conglomeration of firms — is enough to prove that change is a constant.

The profession does not sit still; if it did, there would be no need for lists like these. They serve to capture a snapshot of change in progress and, when we’re lucky, to catch a trend.

A case in point: the ongoing rise of the non-equity partner. As we noted last year, we have been fielding questions from candidate firms about whether to include non-equity partners in their partner totals, so we began asking firms to report both types of partner separately. With two years of collecting those figures under our belt, we’re confident in reporting a single partner figure for each firm that combines equity and non-equity partners, as well as the percent change from the previous year. Not all firms have non-equity partners, of course, and still others noted that they had only reported a total, but a great many do, and were willing to differentiate. We aren’t reporting individual firm breakdowns this year, but we’ll be sharing aggregated breakdowns by various categories online and in other reports later in the year.

In the meantime, here are a few notes on how to read the current report:

  • Unless otherwise noted, revenue is net revenue. Also, unless noted, revenues, offices and staff are for the U.S. only.
  • “Total Employees” is comprised of partners, professionals and all other personnel, including owners.
  • Where two firms reported equal revenue, the firm with the higher percentage of revenue increase received the higher ranking.
  • “MAS” stands for “management advisory services” — or consulting, as everyone calls it now.

As always, this report would not be possible without the dedication of our editorial staff — without their hard work, we wouldn’t be able to present you with this, the 2019 Class of the Top 100 Firms and Regional Leaders. Enjoy!

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